101 UK Brexit Notes

Connemara Programme October 16 2018 pg. 2 Content Categories (alphabetical Listing) Type a word into the search box. A list of mentions and pages will be displayed Agriculture: Breeding animals Business: EUNew Approach Environment: Environmental Quality Standards Agriculture: Exporting GMfood and animal feed products Business: Funding for British Overseas Territories Medical: Batch Testing Medicines Agriculture: Exporting live animals Business: Geo-blocking of online content Medical: Blood and Blood products Agriculture: Exporting objects of cultural interest Business: Labelling Food Medical: Drug Precursors Agriculture: Farm payments Business: Labelling Tobacco and E-cigarettes Medical: Human Organs, Tissues, Cells Agriculture: Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Business: Mergers and Anti-competitive activity Medical: Information Submission Agriculture: Health marks on meat, fish and dairy products Business: Mutual Recognition Principle Medical: Medical Trial Regulation Agriculture: Importing animals and Animal products Business: Patents Medical: veterinary Animal Medical IT systems Agriculture: Importing high-risk food and animal feed Business: Product Tariffs Classification Medical: veterinary Regulation of medicines Agriculture: Making and Marketing Fertilizers Business: Professional Qualifications: Seafarers Medical:veterinary Registration of medicines Agriculture: Organic Food Business: Providing services / qualified professional Project Funding (ECHO) Agriculture: Plants importing and exporting Business: Public Sector Contracts Project Funding: Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Agriculture: Protection Food of Geographical Indication Business: Regulating biocidal products Project Funding: EU LIFE programme Agriculture: Rural Development Grants Business: Regulating Chemicals (REACH) Project Funding: European Regional Development Fund Agriculture: Taking horses abroad Business: Sanctions policy Project Funding: European Social Fund (ESF) Agriculture: Timber buying and selling Business: Space and Satellite Programmes Project Funding: European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Agriculture: Trading and moving endangered species Business: State Aid Project Funding: Horizon 2020 Business: Accounting and audit Business: Structuring your business Project Funding: Nuclear Research Business: Appointing Nominated Persons Business: Telecoms Business Project Funding: UK guarantee for EU-funded programmes Business: Approving Vehicle Types and Components Business: Trade Remedies Transport: Aviation: Security Business: Banking, insurance and other financial services Business: Trademarks and Design Transport: Aviation: Flights to and from the UK Business: Broadcasting and Media Business: Trading electricity Transport: Aviation: Safety Business: Civil Nuclear Regulation Business: Trading gas with the EU Transport: Maritime: Security Business: Classifying, labelling and packaging chemicals Citizen Rights: Data Protection Transport: Road: Bus and coach Services Business: Control on mercury Citizen Rights: Education: Erasmus+ Transport: Road: Commercial road haulage Business: Control on persistent organic pollutants Citizen Rights: Legal: Civil Cases Transport: Road: Driving in the UK Business: Copyrights Citizen Rights: UK and Irish Nationals Transport: Road: Vehicle Insurance Business: Exhaustion of IP rights Citizen Rights: Workplace Rights Transport:Rail safety and standards Business: Existing free trade agreements Consumer rights: No Deal Travel: Entry to EUwith a UK passport Business: Export and import of hazardous chemicals Environment: Continuity of waste shipments Travel: European Firearms Pass Business: Exporting: Controlled Goods Environment: Industrial Emission Standards Travel: Ireland to UK Business: Generating low carbon Electricity Environment: Meeting climate change requirements Travel: Mobile Phone: Roaming Business: Oil and Gas operations Environment: Ozone depleting substances Travel: Pets Business: VAT Environment: Reporting Co2 emissions