101 UK Brexit Notes

Connemara Programme October 16 2018 pg. 189 Implications In the event of a ‘no deal’, those wishing to move equines from the UK to countries within the EU would need to: apply to the APHA in GB or the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs’ Veterinary Service in Northern Ireland both for the new export certification required by the EU; and if their horse is not registered either on a studbook or pedigree register or with a national branch of an international organisation for racing or competition, apply for a new government-issued ID document. An Official Vet (OV) could deal with the veterinary elements of both of these in a single visit. This process is the same as that currently in place for the production of Intra- Community Trade Animal Health Certificates (ITAHCs). Consequently, it is not anticipated that significant additional time would be needed to produce the required documentation, although additional veterinary time to complete the necessary blood tests will need to be factored in. Training packages for operational staff and OVs across the UK would be updated to reflect any new arrangements. .